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Hello, hello. I'm Myrtle Davis. A couple years ago, I lived in an apartment that I absolutely hated. I just couldn't wait to get out of my apartment to go anywhere and do literally anything else. Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel safe, but I always felt like there was something horribly wrong with my apartment. I didn't realize that the problems were actually the result of home interior design decisions I was making that made my home feel weird and uncomfortable. Part of the problem was that I originally tried to add as much color as possible, but the color choices I made didn't go together. After I learned more about interior design, I have created an apartment I love. I'd like to help others decorate their homes in a way that makes them happy.

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Remodeling A Small Kitchen? 5 Sneaky Tricks To Add More Storage To Your Design
3 August 2017

Are you designing a kitchen remodel but can't add


Remodeling A Small Kitchen? 5 Sneaky Tricks To Add More Storage To Your Design

Are you designing a kitchen remodel but can't add a lot of extra space? Making sure you get as much as you can out of the existing room will help you turn even a small kitchen into something special. One key way to do that is to add as much storage as you can within your limitations. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

Make Good Use of Base Cabinets. Base (lower) cabinets are the workhorse of the kitchen, and they are where most of your storage will be housed. Making full use of these is essential to adding room to store things. You can do this in several ways. Try adding some "kick drawers", which use that extra space between most cabinet doors and the floor. Be sure to design custom cabinets to fill unusual locations like corners. You can add vertical slats to create storage for things like baking sheets or cutting boards if you have leftover space to fill. 

Use the Space in Each Cabinet. Once you have all the cabinets you can fit into the kitchen, be sure you're utilizing them fully. Lazy Susans are a great help and are easy to install. In addition, pull out shelves make it easier to find everything stored in the back of cabinets or the pantry. Adding organizers in some drawers may help you keep more items in each. 

Add Hidden Storage. There are a few ways to add some hidden storage to the kitchen and adjoining areas. Primarily, designing a built-in booth style breakfast nook allows you to fill the space under benches...and even within the table itself in certain designs. If you're adding a bar, consider using ottoman-style block seating that can double as storage. 

Don't Forget the Doors. Doors may not seem like wasted space, but you can make use of them by hanging racks and hooks on the insides of cabinets and the pantry doors. This is an excellent place to organize kitchen supplies, hang your spices, or store utensils you often use. 

Go Vertical. Hanging isn't just for doors. Utilizing wire or metal hanging racks above the stove or island can provide out-of-the-way storage for pots and pans. You can even hang full shelves from the ceiling in spots where it's not logical to place a regular cabinet. 

Any one of these design tricks will help you increase your kitchen storage, but if you can put several of them into practice together, you'll be surprised at how much larger your kitchen will suddenly seem.  For more information, check with companies like WATERHOUSE DESIGNS.